Exhibition: The Xenophobia of Time?

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Two weeks left! My current curatorial project ‘The Xenophobia of Time?’ is going to open on 30th May at Clerkenwell Gallery, London! It explores the pertinent issues of migration. Works by four amazing artists Edwin Mingard, Nele Vos, Shao Jie Lin and Ting-Ting Cheng examine the intricacies of a particularly uncertain future created by the processes of obtaining entry to a state, renewing a visa or gaining citizenship.

Migration has generally been seen only as a spatial process yet it is, in fact, also a temporal process. A large number of migrants have to spend extended periods in waiting. Waiting is a particular and peculiar experience of time. For both the economic and the displaced migrants this experience is only exacerbated. Unexplained delays, forever changing requirements and ambiguity in status create a seemingly eternal circle of hope and despair.

The exhibition comes from the urgency to visualise the veiled sides of migrant’s experiences in this time of accelerating global migration. It contemplates the importance of art in responding to such issues, whilst asking of its abilities to interact with the public’s way of seeing. All the works in the show examine the effects of prolonged waiting, the power of authorised documents and the will of those in control, aiming to raise a number of questions: Is waiting indicative of life? And if so, to what extent? If time does not deal in paper work, if time does not exclude, then who does?

Who is the xenophobic?

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Website: https://thexenophobiaoftime.wordpress.com/
Facebook page: The Xenophobia of Time?

Private View takes place on 30th May (Tue) 6 – 9 pm!
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Published by

Ying-Hsuan Tai 戴映萱

藝評、獨立策展人,畢業於英國倫敦大學金匠學院(Goldsmiths, University of London)策展研究所。曾任英國人權組織「國際警戒」(International Alert)三十週年慶展覽《創造敘利亞》總策展人。現為藝術人權組織「Between Borders」的創意空間策展人,持續以策展實踐關注移民與國際移動議題。同時為台灣《藝術家》雜誌的倫敦特約作者,評論文章聚焦國際藝壇動向。目前居住、工作於倫敦。 Ying-Hsuan Tai is a Taiwanese independent curator and writer based in London. She was educated at Goldsmiths, University of London in MFA Curating. Her most recent curatorial experience is “Create Syria: The Future Constellation” – a joint project by International Alert, the British Council and Ettijahat – Independent Culture. This exhibition was part of the Talking Peace Festival 2016 which aimed to support dialogue and resilience between refugees and communities across Lebanon. Tai has been writing for The Artist Mag, ELLE Taiwan, PASSAGE as art journalist since 2013, and currently works for the humanitarian organisation “Between Border” as the project coordinator and the chief curator on Creative Space and the inaugural festival in 2017.Contact: yinghsuantai@gmail.com

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